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Sorry for no posts. Think Im gonna make a new website!!

Yup. I am sorry for no posts. I dont get on much. Cuz im gonna make a new website. It called:

CDE Fan Cub

Imma make a chat for it 2.


プロフィール – 編集

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レインボー! (私はグラムy)を
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Quote: “そして今、私は、一度に1つのスパンコールの世界を変革しようとしている。” – レディガガ



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日hi、how Ŭを行う

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こんにちは!!!!! Ŭ自分のブログによると、帽子屋と帽子屋の帽子iは、元の意味Ŭ入札を行う。 Ŭですが、オリジナルの???

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私はちょうどウルストア10 CD – ROMから気にいらない購入

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私のCDを送る:お金の送信量の2倍! (例:現在100枚のCDを送って、私は200を送信!あなたは私500枚送信すると、私は1000を送信!^ _ ^)
私に品物を送る:アイテムをあなたのwishlistに!もし私dontあなたのwishlistにして任意の項目がある(アイテム私はあなたの選択肢があります!)確実に良い商品を作ろう! ^ _ ^その場合は、アイテムウルウィッシュリストや鉱山ウルの選択の2項目をオフに2アイテム欲しかったんだ!
私の家系ウル:30 CDを追加する
私に担当者を送る:CD 5枚

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crew craze part 2: how do i make a crew?

rew Craze Part 2: How do I make a Crew?

Zoe here again!

And I’ve got the second installment of your crash course on ourWorld’s newest feature, Crews!

There’s a lot to say about this new Crew phenomenon, so I’ll break it down into 3 sections for you.

1) What are Crews?
2) How do I make a Crew? That’s this section!
3) How do I join a Crew?

1) How do I make a Crew?
First, you have to be Level 25 to MAKE a Crew! If you’re not level 25 yet, you can join a Crew but you can’t make your own. So start dancing, gaming, chatting, and spinning that Prize Wheel to level up! If you’re level 25 and above, then you’re good to go to the next step. Go see Melvin inside Crews Control. He’s down there to the right.

If you click on Melvin, he’ll explain the benefits of Crews, like that you can build your own custom community, invite all your friends to join your Crew, get a Club House to hang out in, buy special items that benefit Crew members, customize Crew member ranks, and earn cool bonuses for all of your Crew members.

Melvin will also help set up your Crew. It cost 50 Gems to make your own Crew!

The first step is to name your Crew. I’m gonna name mine Amazing Crew! Pick a good name, because once you set it, that’s that! No Crew name changes!

And that’s it! Now you’re the owner of your very own Crew! But now that you have it, I’m sure you want to make it look cool. Every Crew gets its own Profile page. To attract lots of members, let’s learn how to make the Profile page for your Crew look awesome! We’ll use my brand new ‘Amazing Crew’ as an example.

Click on your Go Menu and look at the very bottom. Now you have a new tab that says My Crew. Click on this button to pop up your Crew’s page.

Your Crew page has an About section, a Members list, a Comments section, a prize Elevator, and a button for visiting your Club House.

Let’s customize the About section first. Click on the About button and you’ll see a page that’s a lot like your personal About section on your profile. Fill in some stuff about your Crew, what your Crew’s all about, or if there are any requirements to join your Crew. You can also change the color of the whole page by clicking on the little pencil icon in the upper right.

Once you have that filled out and set a color, you can get an image to represent your Crew. Click on the Upload New Image button to the right of the screen. This will replace that generic Crew logo with a custom logo of your own.

It cost 10 Gems to upload an image! Make sure you follow the image guidelines. Nothing offensive and nothing copyrighted! Because we have to make sure the image is ok, it could take up to 48 hours for your new Crew logo to show up. When you submit the image you’ll even see this little box:

Read it! Read it! Don’t get impatient and try and upload the image again. That won’t make us go any faster and it’ll just cost you another 10 Gems! We promise we’ll get to each submitted logo within 48 hours.

Once your image is approved and your page is all set, you’re ready to start getting members. Check out how mine turned out:

Now that your Crew’s all set up, I’m sure you want some members! You can invite people to join your Crew in two different ways:

1) Click on your friends in your Friends Bar and see the new Crew Invite button in their Mini Profile. Just click that button and they’ve got an invitation to join!
2) The other way to invite people is to invite them in person. If you see someone walking around that you want to invite into your Crew just click on them and you’ll see that new Crew Invite button again in their Mini Profile. Click it, and they’re invited!

Now that you’ve got some members, you probably want to check them out on your Crew Members Page and manage their different Ranks. Just click on your Go menu and click on the My Crew button to pull up the Crew page and then click on Members.

Now you can see all the Members in your Crew! There’s a button on the upper right of the screen that will let you manage all the different privileges your Crew Members have.

Once you click that you’ll see a big menu with all sorts of different Ranks and privileges. As the Founder of the Crew you can give all the different Ranks custom titles, and you can also set what privileges different Ranks have.

To change your Members Ranks just click on the little buttons above them:

Clicking on the little pencil icon will let you change their Ranks. You can give anyone, any Rank. You can even make someone else have the same privileges you have as the Founder, but be careful! Only give people you trust absolute power over your Crew! Clicking on the little red icon will let you remove someone from your Crew.

Phew!! This is a lot of stuff so far! But you’re doing great! Just a few more things to learn, I swear! This next thing’ll be your favorite!

That’s right! Now it’s time to talk about the prizes!! Click on your Go menu and click on the My Crew button to pull up the Crew page and then click on Elevator.

The Elevator is basically a prize meter. It lists everyone in your Crew and shows a bunch of little green stars next to their names to represent how many Gems they’ve purchased that month.

As the Crew Members buy Gems to deck out your Club House or themselves, they’ll be pushing your Crew Elevator up higher and higher. At the end of each and every month everyone in the Crew is awarded prizes straight to their Inventory depending on where that green meter is in the Elevator.

There are a few ways to push that Elevator higher to win more prizes.
1) You can buy Gems. Every little bit you buy helps out your Crew!
2) You can be a Resident. Every month that you’re a Resident gets you an automatic 3 Stars in your Crew.
3) You can install the ourWorld Toolbar. This method’s free, and gets you 10 Gems a week. That’s 40 Gems a month that helps out your Crew and yourself.

Woooow, that was a lot of info! But if you got through it all, you’re officially Crew material, and totally have a first rate degree in Crew creation so log-in and start your very own Crew!

Or, if you need some more Crew education, check out the other Crew Craze lessons:
1) What are Crews?
3) How do I join a Crew?

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Crew Craze Part 1: What are crews?

Crew Craze Part 1: What are Crews?

Zoe here!

And I’ve got a crash course on ourWorld’s newest feature, Crews!

There’s a lot to say about this new Crew phenomenon, so I’ll break it down into 3 sections for you.

1) What are Crews? That’s this section!
2) How do I make a Crew?
3) How do I join a Crew?

1) What are Crews?
This one’s easy! Crews are basically clubs! They’re a way for you, your friends, and your friends-to-be to all hang out, chat, and win cool prizes.

A Crew can be anything you want! Love music? There are tons of music Crews! Love vampires? There’s a bunch of vampire Crews! Love dancing? Totally some dance Crews! I even saw a Crew for people who don’t wanna be in Crews XD

And if you can’t find the sort of Crew you like, then make your own!

Crews Control is the place to get started! You can create, join, and buy Crew stuff there. Just click on the Go Menu and scroll over to Electric Avenue. You can see Crews Control at the bottom of the list.

You can also get to Crews Control on foot by heading into Electric Avenue and looking for the new location right next to Caden.

The other great benefit to Crews, aside from getting to be a part of a special group in ourWorld, is prizes! That’s right! For being in Crews you get to try to earn all sorts of exclusive prizes. You can win Coin Boxes, Flow Batteries, Super Throwable Items that you can affect multiple people with, and even an oh-so-rare Tattoo Box that contains never before seen Tattoos!

There’s also a lot of new, Crew only stuff! If you go inside Crews Control you’ll see a cool cat:

Click on the cat and you can see the ministore that has all the new Crew jackets. These jackets display your Crew logo on the back of them.

There’s also going to be an amazing Crew Only furniture section available only to people in Crews in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that!

Now, I know you’re thinking, Sign me up!! How do I get on board with all this cool Crews stuff?! Well check out the other Crew Craze sections to learn more:

2) How do I make a Crew?
3) How do I join a Crew?

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Sim Pets

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I made a new blog!!!

It’s called music USA. all music! here the link:


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Poker Cabana :D

Poker Cabana

Hey guys!

Zoe here again with a super exciting update! I dunno if you guys have checked out the Pier lately, but we’ve got another new game, and this one’s especially fun to play!

Poker Cabana!

What’s Poker Cabana you ask? Only the funnest card game around!

You like poker? You like tiki stuff, palm trees, and volcanoes? You like using your poker skills to win big (and earn Flow while you’re doing it)? Then you’ll love Poker Cabana!

How do you get to it? Simple! Go to the Pier and you can’t miss it. It moved in right next to Snaps.

You can also get to it in the Go Menu by clicking on Places, The Pier, and clicking on the words Poker Cabana.

Depending on your skill or how gutsy you are, you get to pick which sort of room you wanna play in. You can choose Tuna (if you’re just starting out), Shark (if you’re pretty good), or Whale (if you’re a big spender!).

And all you over 13’s out there, keep an eye out because soon you’ll be able to bet with your ourWorld Coins! You could win it big or lose them all! Good luck!

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Web Hunt #3

Web Hunt #3

Last week, SOME of you came PRETTY close to finishing the Web Hunt as fast as me, Caden the Ultimate Speedmaster.

….okay, so maybe some of you even beat my time but….let’s not count that as official since I wasn’t trying very hard last week anyways…. ¬_¬

Now get ready to exercise those neurons finding the answers to this week’s questions.
If you win, you’ll be able to GAIN ONE LEVEL immediately!

But hurry, it’s a race! The first 10 people that send in the correct answers to these questions will win.
Weren’t one of the first? Don’t worry, I’ll randomly pick 10 more lucky winners. Which means as long as you send me the correct answers by next week, you’ve got a shot at winning!

1) ourWorld Trivia: How much faster do you gain Flow when you’re wearing the Crown Shades?

2) Visit the ourWorld blog. Which ourWorld character posted on August 24th, 2009?

3) Go to Twitter and post your favorite thing about ourWorld. Include “@ourworld_com” in your post. So that we can check whether you did this step, please leave your Twitter name as the answer to this step.

4) Go to Youtube and find the “ourWorld Official Game Trailer.” Watch it, then answer this question: What is the girl saying at 0:33 in the video?

5) Can you find the “Pay by Mail” page in ourWorld? Hint: It’s not the same as the “$10 Offer Mail-in.” Download the order form and open it up. What is the zip code of the address you have to mail your money to?

6) ourWorld Trivia: Who does Edwin have a crush on?

E-mail the answers to and remember to include “Web Hunt #3″ in the subject line.

On your marks… Get set… Flow!

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Halloween ‘09 Video Contest Winners!

Halloween ‘09 Video Contest Winners!

Halloween might be over, but there’s one last fright left in the spooky season.

We’ve selected the best of the ourWorld Halloween Video Contest, including a Grand Prize winner, 2nd and 3rd place, plus 13 deserving honorable mentions.

The ourWorld staff would like to thank all the contributors who made this our best contest ever. It was extremely tough to pick just three winners with so many high quality entries!
Grand Prize – 1000 Gems
The Cat and the Rabbit
Tap that Toast

2nd Place – 250 Gems
Black and White
Tessa Noel

3rd Place – 100 Gems
ourWorld Halloween
Flori chan

Honorable Mentions – 50 Gems
The Land of Halloween
One Hero Two Worlds
Halloween/We Will Rock You
ourWorld Ghost Tale
ourWorld Twilight
The Fog
The Secret Diary of Winter Wolf
Cruella De Vil
Hide and Seek in the Dark
Edwin The Ghost
The Killer…
The Truth Behind Trivia Cafe
The Mirror that leads to WHERE?!?!?

Every single entry deserved to win, and every entry DID win because all valid entries are getting at least a 25 Gem prize. Great job, everyone!

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New Winter Items!

New Winter Items!

Hey guys!

Jordan reporting in with an ourWorld winter fashion update!

I’m sure you guys’ve all noticed that winter’s totally taken over! There’s snow everywhere, snowmen around every corner, and I’ve even heard there’s been some elf sightings! Well, that’s what Caden said, but that guy says a lot of stuff :\

Caden’s stories aside, I do know we got some awesome new stuff for the holidays and I’m here to tell you all about it!

There’s all sorts of new winter clothing in the Shops. Check out Threads, Sugarstar, Lady King, and Blue Cow to see all the new winter clothing. There’s also some awesome new magical potions and wings in Enchantments so don’t forget to look there too!

And now the two big things everyone wants some info on! Frost Mystery Boxes and Wishing Stars. That’s right! I got the goods on these…goods ^o^

First, let’s talk about the Frost Mystery Box! This thing’s loaded with amazing, icy items! I got some images for you guys:

I heard Yorick is suuuuper rare and hard to get (he’s so cute!!!), and those icicle things are all part of a Flow Boosting set! They’re super cool! Literally ^o~!

And now the Wishing Star!

This is a special sort of Mystery Box that can grant your Flow wishes. When you open this Mystery Box you can get 1 of 5 different sorts of stars and they all give you big chunks of Flow to help you level up! I managed to get the 250 Flow Star on my first try! I want 1000 soooo bad!!

So basically you guys really need to check out all the Shops because there’s tons of great stuff. But it won’t be in the Shops forever! Make sure you get them before the end of December. On January 1st this stuff’s gone!

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Sorry, long time no blogging D:

Sorry I haven’t been on in FOREVER… ive been soo busy. Thanksgiving just passed. D: i really am sorry. :.( Ill try to blog more often. anyways, this weeks gem code is c04f-c161-3a32-dd1a hurry it ends Sun. at 12:00 am!

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